How Website can Become your Powerful Address on Internet?

Your website is like your address on Internet. This is the most powerful tool to represent your business online. Nowadays, Any potential customer who is interested in your business first visit your website creates an Impression about your product & services after looking to your website.

Website Marks the first impression of your business. It can make or break your customer. We should always take precautionary measures in building a website for a business.

There are several advantages to having a website for business owners. But, the Most shocking statistics is that 46% of small businesses do not presently have a website, 12% of those don’t feel the need of having a website for their business. 10% people are confused that whether they should make a website for their business or not.

Any successful business should have a website these days because the average modern person spends roughly 8 hours per day on the internet, which tells us that we are missing a large number of potential customer.

There is no need to have a fancy website or spend high amount on making  a website. You just require a basic website for your business which can display your product or services. 

Despite the fact, Only few businesses have websites, and this is likely because they are unaware of the beneficial advantages of having a website for a small business. So let’s have a look at some of the benefits of having a website.

1. Helps in Building your Online Presence 24/7 for your business

Having a website that is available seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day, without taking a break for holidays or weekends, is a major advantage regardless of the type of small business you are running.

Even when your physical store is closed at night, your online store can continue to make sales and generate revenue for you by serving clients whenever it is convenient for them.

Having a website allows you to connect with your audience who cant visit your physical store because as they are living very far from your business address. 

Statistics show that 61% of individuals read product reviews & also see the details of that before making a purchase. Modern consumers are accustomed to conducting their online shopping from the convenience of their homes.

One more thing that we should focus on is the responsive theme of the website. We should always use responsive theme so that our website can get easily open on the mobile devices. Most of our customer have access to mobile rather than the desktop or tablet.

2. Help in Building Company Reputation

Even if you are good at word-of-mouth advertising, you might be skipping a lot of people who can become your customer if you don’t have a website.

I can understand that businesses who have a regular customer base will buy your services ,but what about those who haven’t used your services yet? They will search about your product & If they will not come across your business website, then you will miss the opportunity to gain fresh clients.

So, Having a website of your business is not only good for your customers but also it creates  a great reputation for your business.

Visitors get to know more about your company i.e about your product or services. Your work ethics, your company culture etc. By this Your customer decides that whether he wants to have your product or services or not. You should include a call to action button on your website so that your customer can contact you.

3. Easy Tracking of Customers

You can achieve a big customer base only when you know about their behavior patterns & their level of activity through this you can better target your customers. You should be aware of your clients’ true needs and provide them with exactly what they want.

When you have a website, it’s simple to keep a track on the activity level of your visitors. You can learn about which features of your product or service do customer enjoy the most.

You can know from which city they have come from , what device they are using to visit your website, what keyword they have entered etc. These observations help you define your user persona clearly.

There is a famous tool available for acquiring information of the behavior of your visitors on your website, which is Google Analytics. This tool will help you to gain a lot of knowledge about your customer.

This tool will let you know about as how many people have visited your site, For how much time they were on their site, which website page they have visited the most, How many of them have actually called your business and so on. You should connect this tool with your website.

4. Having a website actually decreases your operational cost

In the past, there were not many options available to you if you wanted to advertise your company. You may give out fliers, place advertising in the local paper, or perhaps spend money on a TV ad. On the other hand, the internet gives you completely new opportunity to reach to your customer at large.

Even if you don’t want to spend money on online advertisements, your website can still be your helping hand to bring out new customers. Of course for this to happen you need to do proper SEO which can boost your site ranking so that you can get organic  leads for free. 

If you have a online store for your business then you can save the operating cost of your business in a very massive way. As there is no need to take physical location nor you need the warehouse to keep the stock.

Also you can avoid transportation cost and all other cost which can increase the cost of the product. By having an online store, your shop can be visible 24/7  which is great for your business.

Important Statistics which you should know about website

  • If a website’s content or appearance is not good, 38% of visitors takes exit from your website. (The Blue Corona)
  • 48% of customer says that , a company’s website design is the most important aspect in assessing its legitimacy. (The Blue Corona)
  • If a Consumer gets a bad experience at first on your website, then 89 percent of those consumers purchase from someone else. (Web FX)
  • A 7 percent loss in potential conversions can be avoided by speeding up your website. (Initial Webworks)
  • According to 48% of users, Customers  assumes that a company simply doesn’t care if its website if it is not mobile friendly. (IPL SAG)
  • After Reading Home Page content, 82% of customers seems to have a positive impact on their for our brand. (The BP Studios)
  • If photos on a website take too long or don’t load at all, 39% of users will stop interacting with the website. (Referral: Adobe)
  •  71% of small enterprises have their website of their own. (top design firms)
  • On a Website, A call to action’s typical click-through rate is 4.23%.

 If you have decided to build a website for your business. Then We are here for you. We are able to offer solutions that are both affordable and which can best meet your unique business demands. Give us your project to create your brand identity. Our IT professionals have a lot of expertise in building and maintaining high quality websites.

Frequently Asked Questions

There is a popular software which is based on CMS platform which Content Management System. Based on this a software called WordPress is used to create attractive websites.

Domain refers to the name of your website. By what name your customer will call your business. in Business website the name of the website eventually becomes your domain name.

Hosting refers to the place of your website in which it will get hosted. There are various hosting companies which offers website hosting at a very affordable rate.